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Virgo is an Earth sign, with a need for solid ground and form. Ruled by shape-shifting Mercury, Virgo works hard to stability. This sign analyzes and organizes life; the goal is to build a firm foundation. A good educational background is important to the Virgo. Mutable' motivation surfaces in the form of helping, teamwork and cooperation. Humbleness and the ability to work behind the scenes, without complaining, often cause Virgos to miss more opportunities than they should. A dose of self-confidence helps Virgo promote what he or she has to offer. Virgo gets stuck if he or she expresses too much earthy energy. He or she may try too hard. When frustrated, Virgo can get trapped in that notorious perfectionism. Virgo season runs from August. 23rd to September 22nd.


This Virgo Crystal Bag contains specific crystals chosen with the intention to enhance and support the personal qualities in a Virgo.


Selenite - Provides mental clarit, erases Virgo's self-doubt


Amazonite - Releases Virgo's need for perfection, balances emotions


Fluorite - Reduces Virgo's racing throughts, helps store new information


Red Jasper - Helps Virgo connect with Earth, encourages problem solving


Moss Agate - Relives Virgo's tension and stress, helps set goals

Virgo Zodiac Crystal Bag

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