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Scorpio is a water element, making those born under this sign more receptive and introverted, but also a power force. It can be challenging to tell what is going on in a Scorpio's mind, or how deeply they may be feeling. Great love, feeling, desire and sensitivity are found when we probing the depths of mysterious Scorpio. Scorpio's favor stability. Without some positive energy, Scorpio's can go to extremes. Sometimes, they may use his or her the strength to exert power over others. Love can become a stronger passion than even the Scorpio can handle, and possessiveness or jealousy can surface. Independence brings balance. The Scorpio with inner security can let partners explore and remain receptive to their needs.


Each crystal included is specifically chosen to work with a Scorpio, balancing out anything that is rough around the edges while enhancing all of the wonderful qualities they possess.


Amethyst - Increases intuition for Scorpio, maintains strong spiritual connection


Sodalite - Enhance's Scorpios intuition, gives self-confidence 


Unakite - Helps Scorpio keep calm, encourages patients and tolerance


Obsidian - Helps Scorpio understand triggers, deters negative energy


Citrine - Provides luck and good fortune for Scorpio, increases energy flow


Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Bag

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