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Sagittarius is Fire energy and the ruler of Jupiter. This is a very active, extroverted, mobile, expansive sign. The Sagittarius is always ready for action, bursting with goals and idealism. This sign is the very personification of jovial, outward-bound, and enthusiasm. Mutable motivation brings compelling powers of attraction. Change and variety are important. Sagittarius won't hesitate to initiate either. Without balance energy, Sagittarius can become too changeable; he or she may bend to every force or influence. Restlessness can diffuse energy, and finding a secure position in life isn't as easy as we would think. Quiet contemplation can temper the fire' and heighten the intuition. Receptivity can slow the impatient desire to move way too fast at times.


Each crystal bag includes FIVE intentionally chosen crystals to work with.

Sagittarius: Amethyst, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, and Green Aventurine.

Sagittarius Zodiac Crystal Bag

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