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Prehnite reminds us that we are intimately connected to the Divine and all of creation.  Moreover, these connections provide a limitless source for healing energy and spiritual enrichment.  Prehnite carries the essence of unconditional love. It has a soft, gentle energy that clears away negative emotions so that they don’t become entrenched in our emotional body. It helps us to not take issues personally or hold on to grudges. Prehnite leaving us feeling emotionally clean and refreshed. It helps us to let go of anything we no longer need, whether that means physical objects that are cluttering our space, or emotional beliefs that are separating us from joy and peace. It is an empowering stone, encouraging us to make important decisions and to take action, rather than giving into avoidance behaviors. It encourages us to accept the truth, even if unpleasant, and to act act accordingly.


These stretchy bracelets are one size fits most, and will protect your energy everywhere you go!

Prehnite Bracelet

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