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Pisces is a Water element, ruled by Neptune. This sign is extremely receptive, nurturing, compassionate, and other-directed. Pisces feelings run very, very deep. A mutable nature endows Pisces with adaptable and unifying energy. These sensitive people are like the water that flows gently downstream, around the rocks and obstacles in its path. Pisces receptivity can translate into psychic energy. Pisces knows all and sees all but probably won't tell' all. The Fishes keep the secrets of the universe within and to themselves. Without balance, Pisces can sink into the whirlpool of emotion. This can bring out hidden fears and insecurities. Lack of ego-strength can make Pisces feel dependent and helpless. Then they can fall into the martyr trap. Pisces benefit by truthfully sharing their own difficulties, feelings, and need. They need to remember that they too have the right to receive all the help and support they are so used to giving. A happy, confident Pisces brightens the world and all our lives.

Each crystal bag includes FIVE crystals to work with.

Pisces: Amethyst, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, and Clear Quartz

Pisces Zodiac Crystal Bag

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