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Each Herb Smudge Bundle is meticulously handcrafted using premium quality herbs, gathered from pristine, local farms around Skagit Valley. Our bundle includes a combination of ethically harvested  sage, lavender, lameon balm, and other natrual herbs. These natural elements have long been revered for their cleansing properties, providing a soothing and purifying experience.


Our Herb Smudge Bundle is not just a tool for energy clearing but also a beautiful addition to your decor. The carefully hand-tied bundle is wrapped with natural burlap string, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional product. 



You can smoke cleanse yourself, others, a space (home, office, apartment), or any other healing tools you have like crystals. Before you get started consider your intention.



Once you’ve established your intention follow these steps:


  • Holding your plant, light the end and let it burn well for a few seconds. You want the burn to be slow, we’re not trying to burn down the place. Once you have a steady stream of smoke, allow the smoke to envelop you.

  • Next, walk counterclockwise around the space and fan the smoke focusing on the corners of the room. Corners are where stale energies accumulate.

  • Once you’ve covered the space, open a window or a door and let the old energy leave the room, flowing outward.

  • When the purification is complete place the plant in a bowl and allow the ember to slowly fade by itself.


Practice feeling into the energy of the room and notice when it changes. Some places will need more than one round of smoke cleansing.



Herbal Burnable Bundle

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