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The Air element of Gemini brings communication, intellect and speed. This is one of the joy-of life signs, one that reaches out, expands and expresses. Ruler of Mercury, Gemini is an inquisitive student with a quick grasp of subjects. Mutable motivation brings adaptability. This is wonderful because variety-loving Gemini needs change. A flexible personality ensures that Gemini can connect with others. Gemini's active energy can go too far, and then Gemini has a hard time finding the right direction. Members of this sign needs a countervailing force of stability. The desire to communicate quickly and rapidly benefits when tempered by receptivity. Balance comes from slowing down, listening, and learning the fine art of follow-through.


These FIVE crystals are specifically selected to enhance the great qualities a Gemini holds.


Howlite - Allows Gemini to open their mind, slows down racing thoughts


Moonstone - Increases intuition of Gemini, disolves irritability


Orange Calcite - Restores balance of Gemini, enables concentration


Agate - Helps Gemini speak their truth, brings good luck and fortune


Tigers Eye - Imrpoves determination and follow through, restores balance within the mind of a Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Crystal Bag

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