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Exploring the Science of Crystal Healing

Agate Druzy Hearts

Embarking on your crystal journey but not exactly sure where to start? Looking to get a better understanding on how crystals can benefit you? Well, you've come to the right place!

Crystal healing isn't all some mumbo jumbo... its REAL SCIENCE!

I am going to break this science down for you...

Every crystal is comprised of a unique molecular structure. All molecules are full of energy and are in constant motion. This is known as a vibrational frequency. Crystals hold a stable vibrational frequency that doesn't change.

Following so far? Great! Lets keep going...

You also hold a vibrational frequency! But as we all know... human beings aren't all that stable. Your vibrational frequency can change depending on what you have going on in your life and the emotions you are experiencing.

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and felt like a heavy cloud was present? Or felt a draining weight on your shoulders when talking to someone? This energy comes from a low vibrational frequency.

Human beings regularly experience unstable emotional lows (bad energy, low vibrations). Using the stable energetic frequency of a crystal can help you rebalance those inconsistent energetic lows.

For example, if you were having a stressful day at work and you come home and spend some time with your crystals, the powerful energetic vibrations from the crystal will emit itself into your low vibrational energy fields, presenting you the opportunity to come out of that energetic funk you were in.

Okay... it's not all that easy but, you get the idea. I drew this lovely picture to show you how it works.

crystal frequency exchange

Crystals are very powerful tools to help you rebalance your energetic fields and recalibrate your vibrational frequency. Like sound therapy, reiki, and other forms of holistic healing, crystals can be used as a natural way to open you up to a balanced and positive lifestyle. Your energy plays such a critical role in your life, it is important to acknowledge it and strive to keep it balanced.

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