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10mL Sweetheart Essential Oil Body Roller


These body roller blends are the perfect size for on the go, and can be put on your wrists, hands, cuticles, face and neck, and more! Its simple and natural ingredients make it completely safe for the skin.


The Sweetheart Body Oil Roller captures the essence of love with a harmonious blend of vanilla, jasmine, and ylang ylang essential oils. Indulge in the sweet warmth of vanilla, the floral allure of jasmine, and the exotic charm of ylang ylang, as it adds a touch of love and harmony to your space. Elevate your Valentine's Day with this enchanting and delightful aromatic experience.


Ingredients: Vanilla, Jasmine, & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils, Carrier Oil, Gemstone Mix

Sweetheart Body Oil Roller

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