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Fluorite is the ultimate stone for focus and clears out any unnecessary mental chatter. It is a stone that supports brain function during complex problems. It also deflects electromagnetic fields from computers and other electronic equipment. Fluorite teaches you how to go with the flow and embrace challenging emotions and make peace with your mind. It is a great crystal for consistency for physical exercise and maintaining discipline.


Rose Quartz aligns you with your consciousness, divine love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and kindness. This stone adds the element of love to the thoughts you hold in your head. It is the perfect stone to help attract romance into your life and provides feelings of comfort when you are feeling low. Rose Quartz encourages skin rejuvenation and can help during cancer-related healing processes.


Strawberry Quartz can bring a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress, and its gentle, nurturing vibration helps you love yourself and provide unconditional love to others. Strawberry Quartz is also a good grounding stone. Use it to bring yourself back to your true center if you feel that you have become disconnected from the world through worry and anxiety. This crystal will help you to form strong attachments and friendships. It helps us find people who can both challenge and accept us, and as a spiritual support stone, it helps awaken your spiritual gifts and senses.



Pregnant Lady Body

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