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10mL Peppermint Essential Oil Body Roller


These body roller blends are the perfect size for on the go, and can be put on your wrists, hands, cuticles, face and neck, and more! Its simple and natural ingredients make it completely safe for the skin.


Peppermint essential oil uplifts and enhances mental clarity, promoting focus and alertness. Applied topically, it provides a cooling sensation, soothing muscles and relieving tension. With potent antimicrobial properties, peppermint aids respiratory health, alleviating congestion and promoting clear breathing. Peppermint oil also serves as a natural insect repellent. Known for its digestive support, a few drops can ease indigestion and soothe an upset stomach.


Ingredients: Peppermint Essential Oil, Peppermint Leaves, Carrier Oil, Gemstone Mix

Peppermint Body Oil Roller

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.20Sale Price
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