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Since ancient times, phallic symbols have been used to represent strength, power, and fertility. Common intentions behind phallic shaped crystals include sexual healing, fertility, menstrual related issues, manefesting your soulmate, and balancing masculine (yang) energy.


MOSS AGATE: Green Moss Agate connects your spirit to the Earth and other earthly beings. It helps remind you to remain grounded and appreciate what you have around you. Use Green Moss Agate when you are experiencing mental fatigue to replenish your focus. It also helps you reclaim your balance through nature. Imagine the flow of emotional toxins draining from the soles of your feet into the ground to be transformed. Use this stone if you are learning to plant or garden and want to give your plants a positive vibration to help them grow.*Vase is solid inside, you can’t put anything in vase*


OBSIDIAN: Black Obsidian draws you inward to center of yourself. It is perfect for grounding and keeping you focused. It is also beneficial for keeping a positive outlook by keeping negative thoughts at bay. Black Obsidian helps you dredge up emotions that are buried deep within yourself. It is one of the best stones for deflecting negative energy. This stone helps you avoid ingesting toxins by keeping you focused on healthy eating. It also supports the process of breaking bad habits.

Crystal Ding Ding

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