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Rose Quartz aligns you with your consciousness, divine love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and kindness. This stone adds the element of love to the thoughts you hold in your head. It is the perfect stone to help attract romance into your life and provides feelings of comfort when you are feeling low. Rose Quartz encourages skin rejuvenation and can help during cancer-related healing processes.

Green Aventurine opens the heart to divine love. It helps gives you a balanced and healthy view of the world. This stone aids in focusing on good luck and good fortune for a positive and abundant life. It grounds your emotional body and rebalances your heart's desires. Green Aventurine helps you focus on a good diet and exercise to maintain a healthy heart and attract financial success.

Amethyst helps stimulate all the senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, sound) and can ward of nightmares. It is also a good stone to help you remember your dreams. It protects you from psychic attacks and clears out negative energy throughout the day. Amethyst holds powerful transformative qualities that helps you shift any upset you carry to something positive. When you realize you need to shift your emotions, Amethyst will give you the strength and power to do so. Carry this stone with you to remind you to avoid negative or harmful distractions and to change old habits.

Crystal Butterfly

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